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Praise another lovely and fresh Akira Mushi family member, Ichiro! You may have met this little guy shorter during summer...but now Ichiro is all grown up! Ichiro is an adjustable pair of pants, which has a wrap around kind of mindset. You can wrap it around your body, creating a pleat front or back and tie it up with its pair of long belts. Moreover you can wear it high waist or low waist according to your taste. It is easy, elegant and comfortable, while in parallel it combines two different fabrics. The feeling it gives is amazing and its form is so unique! We are not afraid of you winter...we'll fight with style!


  • 90% Wool 10% Polyester (gabardine combined with jersey)
  • Available Colors: Black, Grey
  • Wrap Around
  • Adjustable lenght( starting from ankle)
  • Adjustable by using the side belts
  • High Waist or Low Waist 
  • Machine wash up to 30 degrees
  • Easy-wear it by adjusting it on your body
  • Fun-wear it with cropped tops
  • Play with your wrap around pair of pants


You can wash your Ichiro by using a washing machine up to 30 degrees. Attention! Always check the care label inside your clothing for more information about how you can take good care of it! 


The Ichiro is a Medium Package. Please read more about our Shipping Policy.

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