Earrings PixeLove in Red/White set



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These earrings are made of plexiglass and above all LOVE! Our PixeLove package contains two sets of pixel heart in red and white color. You can combine the colors as you like and the best part is that you can keep one pair and give the other to a beloved friend...because that's what love is all about!


  • Plexiglass
  • Pixel heart shape
  • Comes in set of two pairs
  • Silver


Our PixeLove earrings are unbeatable. It is quite difficult to take them down and you will have to try really hard. If you want to take care of them just love them, protect them from water as much as you can and take them always with you!  


The PixeLove earrings are Small Package. Please read more about our Shipping Policy. 

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