Earrings Akira and Mushi portraits in Silver

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The Akira and Mushi portrait earrings are discrete and elegant but with a modern twist! The specific design is a made by the street artist and talented Akira Mushi friend, Birgif! The earrings are silver and they depict our two lovely dogs, Akira & Mushi. So, if you want to carry our little friends everywhere with you, you know where to find them! Thank you Birgif for this amazing portrait!         


  • Comes in silver
  • Akira & Mushi Doggies
  • Design made by artist Birgif
  • Easy-wear it everyday
  • Fun-wear it as a pair or seperately
  • Play with your doggies!


Our little AM Doggies are unbeatable. It is quite difficult to take them down and you will have to try really hard. If you want to take care of them just love them and take them always with you for a walk!  


The AM Doggies Earrings are Small Package. Please read more about our Shipping Policy. 

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