Boob Tube Koji in Beige "Missoni"

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Koji Boob Tube is one of Akira Mushi favourite signature products! It is the perfect companion of see-though and low neckline tops. It is practical but in the same time works as a sexy decorative element in your outfit. It is elastic and as a result it adjusts perfectly on your body. 

  • 100% PES Missoni-like thin knit
  • Elastic
  • The front piece is double
  • Easy-wear it casual
  • Fun-wear it under your see-through tops
  • Play with your colours
  • Machine wash up to 30 degrees


You can wash your Koji Boob Tube by using a washing machine up to 30 degrees. Attention! Always check the care label inside your clothing for more information about how you can take good care of it!


The Koji Boob Tube is a Small Package. Please read more about our Shipping Policy.
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