Wholesale Rules

Period of Ordering

The ordering process originally has been set:

A) For FW Collections, 1-30th of July

B) For SS Collections, 15th of January-15th of February

If you put an order out of these dates, there will be probable changes on the wholesale policy. But you can still ask us!

Delivery & Shipping

The delivery period is between 1st and 15th of September (for FW Collections) and between 1st and 15th of April (for SS Collections). We will keep priority according to ordering process. The shipping expenses are clients’ responsibility and the clients can choose to use the courier of their preference. 

Return & Refund

You can return faulty products to us any moment between 1 and 15 days from the day you received it. The products will be fixed and returned to you free of charge. A whole or part refund is negotiable according to certain cases regarding faultiness and delays.

Payment Phases & Method

The payment is divided in two phases: a) Ordering Costs, b) After-delivery Costs.

After putting and order you must cover the production costs of it, otherwise we cannot proceed with your order. The Ordering Costs cover 40% of your entire order, which can be deposited 1-3 days after the order and are non-refundable after we proceed with your order.

When the products are ready to be delivered, you will receive a call for the second payment which includes the shipping expenses and the rest order payment, which is paid the moment you receive your package.

You can proceed with the payments via e-banking or bank deposit.

Order Minimum

We only want a symbolic minimum. Your order must contain no less than 10 items.

Design Authenticity

The retailers must respect the brand and its designs. Therefore, the retailer should not produce clothes or accessories, which are copies of the originals. Such an act will be considered illegal and the brand will proceed accordingly.


For any further inquiries you can contact Anna Petridi via email at contact@akiramushi.com or telephone at +30 6942731233.

Catalogs upon request.



Many Thanks,

Akira Mushi Team