Our Family

Akira Mushi family grows.

since we recently adopted 18 adorable doggies from our beloved street artist Birgif! Our new friends will accompany your Akira Mushi experience and hopefully you'll love them as much as we do.

We will introduce them one by one...but not all at once!


Oi The Greeting dog


is the kind of dog who is going to welcome you first when you get in! He is a happy dog whose eyes sparkle out of joy whenever he sees people around. He loves to meet new friends and not to mention that he is very good at it! He has his way of socialising and people love it! 

 Favorite Place: Behind a door waiting for it to open..."who can it be now?"



Shinshi The Gentle dog

is a charm! Since he was a puppy he had very good manners and a heart full of kindness. He knows very well how to treat a lady and most of the girls fall for him instantly. Shinshi loves the arts and the good life...he is an educated dog after all!

Favorite Place: You most likely see him around theaters and elegant bars.



Koi The Cupid dog

is our lovable doggy! He falls in love with almost everything and everyone. He gets easily excited and loves to be around people. Actually, I don't think he could ever be alone...

Favorite Place: Anywhere with a lot of people and especially a lot of girls!




Hossuru The Craving dog

is our little beggar! He is such a craving fellow, who loves to expect surprises and gifts as much as whatever you have in your hands. Give him food and bones and he will love you forever!

Favorite Place: Under the table where the food comes from...!




Fumei The Uncertain dog

is a dog who can't decide, probably because he was a phobic puppy! He usually walks around trying to find out whether he's hungry or wants to pee. Give him two different toys and he shall never play...he will  literally black out! No need to worry though, because Akira Mushi take good care of him! 

Favorite Place: You're kidding, right?



Ayashii The Doubtful dog

is a mysterious and cranky little doggie. He won't trust anybody and he doesn't like to share...at all! Try to play with his bone and you 'll regret it big time, while in parallel your gifts will be rejected with the most rude way. Ayashii possesses whatever he trusts, but his trust is a very delicate issue.  His friends love him and always try to calm him down, but, you know, they are few...because, according to Ayashii, "Those doggies are not to be trusted!".

Favorite Place: Wherever it is dark enough to disappear!


Gen The Serious dog

was born old...not Benjamin Button-old, just very mature and serious! He is the one that usually speaks other puppies minds and plays very carefully...when he actually does play. He is cautious and calm and he often hangs around cats...he has no interest in dog-cat war stuff because he thinks that this is not how dog culture will evolve. Told ya! He is too damn serious. Waisu, the Wise dog, is obviously his best puppy friend and the only one who understands him deeply. 

 Favorite Place: Home...safe and quite!


Shai the Shy dog

is one shy little puppy! It took some time until we got to know him, since he doesn't express himself in front of others. You will usually see him calm and behaved around other puppies. He sure enjoys the company of others, he is just not that social. Oh! And of course he is the one who is gonna hide whenever a stranger comes along. It's a good thing his brothers always involve him in their games, even when he doesn't want to! 

Favorite Place: Corners, under tables and beds and of course...his dog house!


Yoi The OkieDoggy

Yoi is the coolest dog ever! He is the one to ensure that everything is gonna be OK! Whenever other puppies are in panic, he just walks in and he takes things over with his coolness. No wonder why, everybody trust his opinion...sometimes even more than Waisu, the Wise dog. He has the attitude of a superstar, the abilities of a superhero and the eyes of a...cow! Ok he is doesn't seem like some dog you would rely on but, trust us, history has proven otherwise!  

Favorite Place: Any carpet will do!