Our Brand


Akira Mushi is a local brand.

The design and pattern process is placed in our workshop, while the rest of the production is located in Athens, Greece. We work with small local production places, because we produce according to demand and we want to assure that each of our products reflects the attention has been given to it. 

Akira Mushi has freshly baked products.

You will hardly find crazy people who do what we do! The way we work may sound very simple, but the result is pretty difficult. We produce very small quantities of new designs every single week and as a result you can always find something fresh in our shop! 
Moreover, the designs are unique, since each design is produced in several unique fabrics. We have neither fabric, nor clothing stock. We only buy the exact ammount of fabrics we need for the production of these unique pieces. This is why we reccommend that you buy immediately a product if you really fall in love with it; it may be difficult to find it again!

Designing and producing according to demand keeps us alive in the moment and enables us to understand our customers and our market in daily basis.

Akira Mushi, gatherers of their own raw materials.

As we have mentioned earlier, we have zero material and fabric stock. Akira Mushi are gatherers of their own materials and each week we go for "hunting"! Since we don't order high quantities we search within the local market for a variety of different delicant fabrics, from which we choose the best in order to deliver to you fresh products. 

Akira Mushi is a small concerned brand. 

We don't brag about being environmentally or socially concerned, neither it is part of our marketing. However, we believe that transparency regarding our actions as a clothing company, is essential in order to inform our customers properly.

So, here is all you need to know:

We buy our raw materials according to demand. We don't have fabric or clothing stock. Note: although we buy our materials from the greek market, it doesn't mean that the materials are greek themselves! 
We recycle. The fabric scrap which is left from our clothing production in order to produce most of our accessories. 
We help stray dogs. We create doggy scarves and little products, from which the net profit goes to greek stray NGOs or independent  stray needs according to the occasion. 
We only produce locally. We support the small greek production places.
Althougn our rhythme is fast, our mindset is slow. We produce very low quantities of clothing and always according to demand. Our goal is not high consumption, but highly valued designs which will be timeless! Which brings us to the final fact...
We are here for you! Akira Mushi is a friendly brand. We don't create customer relationships, but we do create personal ones!For us, each one of you belong to the Akira Mushi family no matter what! As a result, you can always come by our shop or communicate with us regarding any problems you have with your Akira Mushi product. We can always treat and repair it because we want you to value it as much as we do!
    We hope that, as the time goes by, this list will grow along with us and we will achieve even more. But, for the time being, we hope that we do our best considering our possibilities.