Bracelet Akira & Mushi Silver


Light Grey

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The Akira and Mushi series of jewelry is here to upgrate your minimal style! Akira and Mushi are the beloved dogs of our company and as a result they should have their own series of jewellery! Our bracelet has the two silver doggies, which come on a faux suede leather ribbon. The ribbon can be easily replaced and it comes in several colors. Moreover, it is adjustable to your wrist, since you can tie it up yourself and remove the rest. Keep your best friends always with you!


  • Silver based
  • Minimal
  • Akira and Mushi Doggies
  • Faux suede Ribbon
  • Adjustable size wristband


Our Akira And Mushi series is unbeatable. It is quite difficult to take them down and you will have to try really hard. If you want to take care of them just love them, protect them from water as much as you can and take them always with you!  

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